The Higher Self Process

A Higher Self Portrait is really an amazing way to see who you truly are. Below are the 4 Steps. My studio is the great outdoors, so we can work at a nearby location that suits you! Please allow up to 6 months for final delivery.

1. Intake

Time: 45 mins - 1 hour

Your Higher Self Portrait is an investment. Like expensive jewelry, works of art increase in value over time. This portrait will help you manifest your potential and bring your Higher Self into greater focus in daily life, so it is a spiritual and life force investment as well!

We'll start with initial questions about your spiritual journey thus far. I'll email a form when you're ready to get going.

You and I will meet on video-chat or in person. From our first encounter—and sometimes even before!—I begin to connect with your Spirit Guides.

During our intake meeting, we'll plan the photo session, including when and where, any props and costumes, as well as any information you want me to know, such as past lives, mystic encounters and happenings, visions, and so forth. Be prepared to make your investment at this meeting.

2. Photo Session

Time: 2-4 hours

Our photo shoot is really about capturing your energy and story. In contrast to normal photography, I'm less concerned with how you look and more concerned with how you feel.

When I worked in film & TV, I directed many people, from amateurs to award-winning actress Ellen Burstyn.

I will direct you and together we will open to the Higher Realm, guided by what you want to manifest. The Spirit Guides will surround us! And that's exactly when I capture the light and higher energy bodies within you.

I record your energy in my camera and in my consciousness. I often get Divine messages, sacred instructions, and the art composition during our photo session!


3. Artwork

Time: 3-6 months

Creating the visual medicine of your portrait is the longest stage of the process.

I start with what I captured in our photo session. Spirit guides me to which captures to use. I sometimes create "you" out of 2-5 different captures! And in many cases, several versions of "you" appear in the final artwork. A Higher Self portrait typically has about 100 layers or more, depending on the complexity.

As I paint, I "download" messages from Spirit and write your Interpretive Reading. This document contains messages from your Guides and explains all the symbols, sacred geometry, artwork composition, and so on, that appears in your Higher Self Portrait.

Check out some testimonials.

4. Delivery

Time: 2 weeks or less from final payment

The best way to think of your Higher Self Portrait is as an investment - kind of like buying a spiritual vehicle for your soul's growth.

When the artwork and writing (channeled messages from Spirit in Step 3) is done, we fabricate the final piece according to your preference.

The basic Higher Self Portrait is a 16" x 24" Mystic Shadow Float (premium metallic art paper on aluminum) with messages around the edge. You can upgrade to a larger canvas or a different format, such as Majestic Wood Float or Mystic Aluminum Float (which are more expensive to fabricate).

Please contact me for pricing. I offer payment plans and will time your portrait accordingly.