Meet Your Higher Self.

I am here to help you see who you truly are.

You may believe you are who you see in the bathroom mirror. I am here to promise you that you are so much more. In fact, most of your true Self is normally invisible. Your outer appearance is merely the "physical package." Your physical body is just one of ten light bodies of consciousness that form your entire Self. I've been deeply blessed with the gift to see and portray these energetic aspects of your Higher Self — the angelic dimension of Eternity, past lives, and other realms. In your Higher Self Portrait, I reflect and amplify these ethereal codes so you can actualize your true potentials and ascend in conscious manifestation.

The Higher Self Portrait is a custom journey, tailored to serve your highest good. Below, you can explore different approaches to your Higher Self, including potentials to Manifest, mystical Other Realms and past lives, true Love in all its forms, your magical Angel Faerie Goddess aspects, and your magnificent spiritual Royalty. Your Higher Self artwork operates as a visual medicine to infuse serenity, power, and inspiration in you each time you regard it. When you commission me to create your Higher Self Portrait, I call upon all the Spirit Guides — and a lifetime of visual art skills mastered to serve your journey.

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