Hi, I am Sonya Shannon.

I am a visionary artist and author based in Colorado Springs, USA. I invented my own artistic process using photography and hundreds of layers of hand-painted and photographic effects. A lifetime of artistic development culminated in the Higher Self Portraits, which you see on this site. I am proud and grateful to offer them to you today.

Learning to transcribe angelic messages into "visual medicine" took decades. From a humble pencil, I learned hand-animation and by 1982, pioneered in 3-D computer animation. I worked in special effects (yes, a Star Trek movie!) and went on to teach some of todays leading digital animators at School of Visual Arts and Pratt Institute in New York City.

In 2014, I returned to fine art. I created a popular divination deck, the Transformation Oracle, and exhibited at metaphysical fairs. People asked how they could appear in my artwork. Through spirit's guidance, I launched Higher Self Portraits.

To my Higher Self Portrait patrons, I am beyond grateful for your commissions. To all my fans, I embrace your support and offer deep thanks. My dream is to live as a full-time artist, serving at the highest level possible, creating legacies that will long outlive us all. I remain forever yours, in service to the Divine.


“I received this beautiful Higher Self Visual Medicine Portrait from Sonya Shannon this morning.

I am truly humbled and beyond grateful for this AMAZING experience I had with this beautiful Earth Angel!

All I can say is "you MUST, MUST have this experience!"

Thank you, Sonya for capturing the energy of my Higher Selves but also being the Beacon of true compassion and love to this Earth and the many realms! I ❤️ you!”

“I highly recommend a Higher Self portrait for the amazing healing, magical experience, and continuous healing it brings. Every time I look at mine it teaches me something new. I decided to take the photos on my "bad side." Despite my past self-criticism, I now see only beauty. My portrait reminds me daily that my "flaws" are pure beauty and that all parts of me are made from love.

Sonya helped me get very clear details about my past lives. This portrait brings tangible healing I can keep for life.”

“I am overjoyed! I Love every bit of it!

So very thankful. Incredibly grateful. Unbelievably blessed.

You are an amazing Light worker. This is AWESOME!”

“I love it!”

“My father passed in 1980, and my brother passed in 2013. Once upon a time there were four...now two remain. Sonya captured my feelings about mom beautifully, and also paid tribute to my mom’s love for my dad and for my brother. Sonya, you have no idea how much I will treasure this forever. You are AMAZING!”

“Sonya captured our love to create this special piece of artwork that we will treasure forever.”