My Story

I am a visionary artist and author based in Colorado Springs, USA. Since I grew up in feature film special effects, I invented my own artistic process that weaves fine art photography into hundreds of layers of hand-painted effects. A lifetime of artistic and technical development culminated in Higher Self Portraits and a gallery of prints. I am proud and grateful to offer this artwork to you today.


My soul's mission is to help people connect with their Higher Self. I love awakening people to the divine, infinite part of themselves. I've spent my life learning how to create art that works as "visual medicine" by entering the eyes and changing people's perception of themselves, their life, and this world. I'm fascinated to reveal the invisible, make seen the unseen, and seamlessly fuse together realities. I work with light to capture your energy, hold the vision from Spirit, and create the artwork digitally on a screen filled with luminous colors. Some people feel like they are in a different universe when we work together for the photo sessions. And most folks are deeply transformed by seeing themselves exalted in a Higher Self Portrait.

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There's a great article about my work in Travel Boulder Magazine. Check out this Apple Podcast: A Conscious Conversation with Jeff Krisman. I'm honored to be on the video show The Spiritual Handyman. And here's an illustrated interview with Alisha Wielfaert.

Scroll down for testimonials or delve into my backstory. When you're ready, you can browse my online store, learn more about the Higher Self Portrait Process, or get in touch. I look forward to connecting with you!

What Clients Are Saying ...


I received this beautiful Higher Self Portrait from Sonya Shannon this morning. I am truly humbled and beyond grateful for this AMAZING experience I had with this beautiful Earth Angel! All I can say is: RUN—don't walk—to have this experience! Thank you, Sonya for capturing the energy of my Higher Selves but also being the Beacon of true compassion and love to this Earth and the many realms! I ❤️ you!

Marilyn & Kelli

My father passed in 1980, and my brother passed in 2013. Once upon a time there were two remain. Sonya captured my feelings about mom beautifully, and also paid tribute to my mom’s love for my dad and for my brother. Sonya, you have no idea how much I will treasure this forever. You are AMAZING!


This was an absolute amazing and eye opening experience for me. I strongly recommend this! Tap into your higher self. Sonya is absolutely amazing!!


My higher self portrait by Sonya Shannon still moves me when I look at it today. It reminds me how much I have grown into and integrated my higher self within me. The artwork is like no other. I would never imagine going to someone else because of how Sonya seemed to grab the very essence of the energy and swayed it into the masterpiece it is. I see that with all of her artwork. She is amazing and I highly recommend investing in her pieces or doing a higher self portrait. Also, that energy that is in the artwork helps create the energy of my healing room as it dramatically helps create the healing space that I envision. So thank you Sonya, you are amazing!


Sonya is a beautiful human being with a higher calling. She has a deep spiritual understanding, and a true gift connecting to the essence of another. She feels their energy and brings it to life on an empty canvas. This experience was amazing!

Kelli & Mark

I “discovered” Sonya a few years ago at a fair and now have quite a collection of her amazing artwork in my home. She is exceptionally talented. For me, her artwork is thought-provoking and emotionally-charged. Sonya captured the love we share. We will cherish these higher self portraits for a lifetime!


My higher self portrait sits on my wall over my bed – an every day reminder about who I am and what I can aspire to be on any given day. How I think and feel about my highest good has taken a quantum leap into a dimension that only gave me hints of existing before opening up to Sonya’s vision. Now, with the physical manifestation of my truth — of my Real self — vibrating into my consciousness and body with every color, symbol and image, I am changing. I am more at peace and connected to life and to all of what I am and can be at any moment. I am deeply grateful and a much more amazing human for knowing Sonya!


Sonya’s work gives us a glimpse into what only the heart can see. What a gift!

I HUMBLY Grateful to you!

To my patrons, I am beyond grateful for your commissions. To all my fans, I embrace your support and offer heartfelt thanks.

You help me live my dream — to work as a full-time artist, serve at the highest level possible, create legacies that will long outlive us all.

I am Yours, in service to the Divine.