My Backstory

Digital Art & I grew up Together!

Learning to transcribe angelic messages into "visual medicine" took decades. From a humble pencil, I learned hand-animation at the renowned Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada. In 1982, when most artists were "afraid of" or "hated" computers, I plunged in. We didn't yet have fancy software, so I pioneered the wilderness of digital painting and super-crude 3-D computer animation. I worked in special effects (yes, that's me working on a Star Trek movie! ) From the start, the computer was my assistant for fine art, and I understand it from the ground up. When the Apple Mac —and later Photoshop—finally arrived, I thought I'd died and gone to digital art heaven!

I've taught artists worldwide

I went on to create the curricula for MFA, BFA and Continuing Ed programs and teach some of today's leading digital animators at School of Visual Arts and Pratt Institute in New York City. The Hong Kong Art Center (Wan Chai) and the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts (China) invited me to lecture, teach workshops, and advise about fine arts education using high tech. I've been a keynote speaker at a special effects conference for LG Media (Seoul, South Korea). There's nothing like working with emerging artists to bring out the spirit guides! I always believe the teacher learns more than the student, and I've been incredibly blessed.