What's involved in a Higher Self Portrait?

To start, I'll send you a questionnaire and an intake meeting by phone or video chat. I want to know your goals, what you want to activate, perhaps a bit about your journey thus far. Next, I'll capture you with photography, in person - often in costume. Finally, I'll create your Higher Self Portrait. I'll also write your Interpretive Description, which includes close-ups of symbols in the artwork.

I'm nervous about having my photo taken.

Please know that I am not “taking your picture” as much as capturing the energetic messages residing in you. I just want you to be totally relaxed and be yourself. My goal is to make you completely comfortable. I will direct the process. Together, we will enter the realm of the Divine.

What do I need to bring for the photo session?

If you have your own specific costume or clothing you would like to use, please bring it. I have a wardrobe with several costumes and wigs, and we can discuss what is needed in our video meeting.
My collection includes crowns, headdresses, angel wings, crystals, and so on. If there are special props, totem items of deep meaning to your journey, please bring those.

What about hair and make-up?

I do not provide hair and makeup services. I prefer to work with your natural self. Minimal or no makeup is best. I want you to feel comfortable and confident. The focus is on inner beauty. Some people get their hair done, based on our intake discussion. And we can work out your details together.

Do I come to you? Or do you come to me?

For the photo session, you will need to come to me unless you live within an hour of Colorado Springs. I'm happy to come to you, and I thank you in advance for covering my travel and accommodation expenses.

Can I use my own photo for my portrait?

In general, no. I work with higher frequency energies that are all around you, in the etheric bodies we all have that hold our consciousness. I need to be with you to capture these for the artwork.
In certain rare situations, if you live outside Colorado and are unable to come to me or have me come to you, I am willing to consider working with an existing photo, provided it meets all the specifications in the Terms and Conditions, and provided I find artistic possibilities in said photo to create your Higher Self Portrait.
If you have chosen the LOVE option, it is possible for me to use existing photos of loved ones. Please read the Terms and Conditions for details.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes. You can apply for PayPal Credit, which allows you to pay for your Higher Self Portrait with no interest for 6 months. For example, you would pay only $500/mo. for 6 months for your $3,000 Higher Self Portait.

Can I buy smaller prints of my artwork?

Once you have paid for your initial Higher Self Portrait, I will post a gallery where you, your clients, family, and friends can get a copy of your artwork.

Is there an option for greeting cards?

Yes. I offer custom greeting cards at wholesale pricing. There is a minimum order of 100 cards. The message on back is based on your Higher Self artwork, and can include contact and bio info for clients.

Can I use my Portrait in my BUsiness?

Yes. I offer a licensing package for practitioners and business people to use the Higher Self Portrait both online and in print. Please see the Pricing page (under The Process) for more information.

Will I get copies of me in costume from our photo session?

The short answer is no, I'm sorry, I cannot give you the photos. Please read the long answer immediately below. Thank you!

Why I don't Release Rough Photos...

I totally understand your eagerness to see the rough photos we create together! Yet our agreement is for a portrait of your Higher Self, not snapshots of you in costume.

The artwork is based on our time together, your Intake answers, your energy during our photo session, and my visions of your soul journey. My goal is to produce a deeply healing, beautiful artwork of your Higher Self—a delicate and subtle process I call “Visual Medicine.” Because it is deeply healing, I take this work most seriously, under guidance from Spirit.

Our photos are actually “sketches" for the artwork, not final professional photos. I "capture your energy" with light (photography), as alchemy for the final portrait. Each artwork has a hundred+ layers - including hand-painted ethereal elements. Sharing my "photo sketches" would be like serving you a spoonful of raw dough instead of a baked, frosted cake!

In past when I released source photos before the artwork was done, my process was harmed. Sadly, despite people’s promises, my rough photos were filtered & changed on social media—and my Spirit Guides understandably retreated... I simply cannot do your artwork without them!

While I understand the excitement to share your rough photos with friends, from a sacred standpoint it's equivalent to throwing a party while you're still face-down on the massage table! When you commission me for a Higher Self Portrait, I commit to you and the Guides most fully. I have to protect this process. Thank you in advance for your understanding, patience, and respect.

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