Visionary art is a way of life for me. The messages I channel from Spirit are inseparable from the visions I hold for you. Because each person is like no other that ever was or ever will be, each Higher Self Portrait is absolutely unique in its symbols, messages, and approach. I love discovering the best techniques to reflect your Divine Self to you. A single artwork can take days — often weeks! — to create. Each hour while making your art, I meditate on your life journey, listen to Spirit, and strive to perfect the precise formulation that activates and awakens you now. The result of my work includes the artwork as well as a complete Interpretive Description.

In olden times, artists survived by wealthy patrons, such as the Medici family who commissioned spiritual paintings by Michelangelo and others. Today, I thank you from my heart for your decision to invest in your Higher Self. Your patronage and support means the world to me!