Interpretive Reading Sample

Each Higher Self Portrait comes with a complete description of symbols and their meanings, composition, mystical elements, sacred geometry, past lives, and so forth. As I create the "visual medicine," I actually download messages from the higher realms specifically for you. Each Interpretive Reading is illustrated with close-up details from your Higher Self Portrait, so you can unfold its mysteries and grow well into the future from this artwork. Above is a sample diagram, and below are excerpts from one person's portrait.

"Gifts from the Realm of the Higher Self"

This painting tells the story of a medieval Queen who lives as a virtual prisoner, like a bird in a gilded cage. Though surrounded by opulence, she is lonely and unhappy. She lacks freedom to be herself; the wealth and riches come at a dreadful price. Her King is unfeeling and cruel, their loveless marriage forced to keep peace. The King cannot perceive the Queen's brilliant mind, her gifts and talents, her radiant inner beauty. He treats her as a pawn and prevents her from knowing the joys and delights of life. She feels irrelevant, an inconvenience foisted unwillingly into this marriage.

Forbidden to leave, one day the Queen hears a bird sing outside her golden prison. The bird's joy stirs a deep longing inside. As the Queen draws near the window to see, a rainbow falls across her heart and awakens her dormant soul. To her astonishment, the window opens not to the garden, but instead to a crystalline realm of indescribable beauty. Therein dwells her own Higher Self, reaching to her through time and space with a message of everlasting hope. The Queen glimpses the true majesty of her Higher Self — a starkly meaningful contrast to the superficial "majesty" as the King's wife. Instead of empty pomp, the Queen now learns true ceremony from the Realm of her Higher Self. This new power becomes crucially important, and she learns to trust the way Spirit communicates for her work in later lifetimes, including the one she lives now in the 2000s.

Composition: Rhyming Pairs

This painting is structured into four rhyming pairs of figures. Each pair contains a Queen (lower self) and an angelic embodiment (Higher Self). The painting can be read in two directions: a) from left to right as a story of ascension, from the lowest and darkest psychological place, to the highest and most illuminated state of pure consciousness and b) from the center outward (illustrated above). In the mirrored or "rhyming" reading, four pairs of figures correlate into the Steps of Ascension. Read More... 

A Message from the Divine

You are infinitely beautiful, precious, and powerful, despite how it sometimes feels in the outer world. It is easy to get lost in the labyrinths that open to your spirit and mind. Focus your energies into your Heart to find healing. Focus like a laser beam of love directed at those who wait to be healed by you. They are many, sometimes seemingly as many as the number of stars in the Milky Way. One by one, call each broken soul to you, and through this devotion, you will find endless perfect concentration, determination, and abundance. Look deeply at the figures in this artwork, for they mirror one another, just as you mirror your Higher Self. The figure on the far left balances with an invisible figure in the Higher realm. The sadder you are in ordinary reality, the more dazzling—yet seemingly distant—your Higher Self. She comes to meet you with great gifts whenever you call. Call upon her daily to fulfill your Destiny and lift your consciousness higher!

My Inspiration

This short video tells the story behind the painting, "Gifts from the Realm of the Higher Self." Thank you for viewing this sample of how I work when I create your Higher Self Portrait.