Angel | Faerie | Goddess

The ANGEL Higher Self Portrait helps you behold your true Self and increase your angelic connection. Angel, You are not of this world. You a Divine Being of Light whose heart is too large to fit a human body. Your prayers reach throughout this Earth and connect with Eternity. You have unimagined healing powers. You are made of Love and Grace. Others know You are angelic and tell you often.

The FAERIE Higher Self Portrait celebrates your inner pixie. You are a magical being, sweet and quick, with a dash of the imp mixed in. You delight in tiny practical jokes and gently teasing others. You giggle secretly. You love flowers, fireflies, and raindrops. Sometimes you hide, invisible to others. Other times, you frolic so all can delight in your delicate arts.

The GODDESS Higher Self Portrait manifests your sacred birthright of Divine talents and powers. You were there at the dawn of creation. Your powers are larger than Earth. You help create the movements of the spheres, the seasons, and new life. At will you can destroy with raging storms, darkness, and wildfire. Yours are the sacred codes of birth, life, death, and rebirth. You shift shapes and appear in the form of any being you choose. You are a Goddess.

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